Lottie is based in Bournemouth and is literally living her dreams! The years of hard work is paying off and she has hit the festival circuit hard the last few years! Equipped with three programmable LED hoops, she loves to entertain and inspire people and often boggles their minds with her trippy hoop tricks and thousands of amazing patterns. Lottie offers fire shows with an array of different props including sword and dragon staff and “dragons breath” for big fire effects!

As well as LED and fire shows Lottie can also provide stilt characters to make a real impact at your event. See the photo gallery for more details!
Lottie has trained with the likes of the fabulous Amy Hooplovin, Emma Kenna, Gale Francis & Nick Broyd – all amazing hoop teachers with their own unique angle. She attends hoop conventions each year such as Southern Hoop and the Welsh Hoop Convention Whoop-C to further her skills and meet the community.
She has recently worked for Boomtown, Download Festival, Rewind Festival, Smoked & Uncut, Whirl-y-Gig, Field Trip, Into The Wild, O2, Bournemouth & Poole College, Aruba, Cameo, Walkabout, Fusion and Epidemik.
As well as clubs and festivals Lottie offers hen party entertainment and shows either as a solo artist or with her group Stagecraft Collective. The group shows have been popular with adults and youngsters alike and our lovely team are great at catering for children’s parties.
If you would like Lottie to brighten up your event with her hoops get in touch!
When not rehearsing or teaching Lottie enjoys making outfits and is currently making hoops and sequin hoods to order via her online shop Hoopmaker.


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