Arch Revival Festival

We had an action-packed weekend at Arch Revival providing circus and bushcraft workshops and evening shows. We did our Re:Generate show for the first time and despite some setbacks over the weekend with our staging and rigging not arriving, Sunday night was particulary fun and went smoothly! Here’s some of the photos  

Stagecraft Collective Launch

Our Nutcracker team worked so well together that we have formed a new collective of performing artists and performance groups called Stagecraft Collective. We have a snazzy new logo and website and have a load of shows lined up including working with A-List Business and We Do Ethical on the Mr & Miss Dorset […]

Stagecraft Collective Launch

Entertainment at Jerkjam

I worked with Hoola Cru’s Sarah and Hayley at Jerkjam providing stilt and fire entertainment. What an awesome little festival! We loved it and there was a perfect mix of music for my liking, with plenty of rave thrown in! I loved working with these girls. Here’s our photos from the event. Check out our […]