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Photos from the Green Dragon Eco Farm

Well it was a great success over Easter at the Green Dragon Eco Farm working for Victoria at Enchanted Players Theatre Company.

We got lots of glowing reviews on their Facebook page from the visitors. Luke was an absolute legend again entertaining the kids and families. Michaela was our Easter Bunny and did a fabulous job making people smile and interacting with the little ones.

The Eco Farm is a fantastic day out for families. For some it was the first time they had gone out as a family due to lockdown. What a relief to be back playing in the sun 🌞 . Kids can play on the adventure playground and bouncing pillows, feed the animals and see rare creatures like the lynx and silver foxes.

Big up to the chefs! The pizzas available on Saturday nights are probably the best pizzas I’ve ever tasted! And the food in the café at lunchtime is fresh and meat is from animals hand reared on the farm, so everything is very good quality.

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