New developments for Halloween!

Hello there 🙂

So finally there are more gigs coming in now for a circus performer and events are starting to go ahead despite all the crazy requirements.

Where there’s a will there’s a way!

In my excitement I have updated my fire props and costume bits … photos coming soon! I do love the Halloween theme and now have a new partner to work with as a duo, my boyfriend, Luke Parker, who is a talented actor and workshop leader as well as spinning LED and fire devil sticks and bringing some magic and crowd interaction to the table and big pyro fx like fire breathing and “dragons breath”

We have a plan for a show involving a Ring Master and a creepy clown, which I think will be fun to do and for spectators!

We are looking forward to working with some new and old contacts again this year now that things are picking up again, so drop me a message to check our availability.

Lottie x

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