Update Summer 2020

Hello … long time no see!

So what has been happening? Well my classes got cut short at the Pavillion due to the obvious and since then I’ve been doing the odd one-2-one so that is still an option should you wish to come and learn some hoop!

Mostly I’ve spent this time making hula hoops for people and my Etsy shop (Hoopmaker UK) and my site (www.hoopmaker.co.uk) have been much busier with people wanting to take up hooping during lockdown, so that has kept me busy.

As with many of us, this time has been useful to me to do some healing, on a personal note. After a rough year it was chance to slow down and go inward and process all that has happened. I have to admit I’m really starting to miss teaching and the buzz of performing now though!

I’ve started practicing more with my fire rope dart which is fast becoming one of my favourite props. It feels good now we can have small gatherings and jam again. Creative arts are so important for our happiness and physical wellness.

My plans next are to do some socially distanced hoop jams and look into teaching again should the regulations allow. I’ve posted a few new videos on my YouTube channel for the mean time… one with some ideas for double hoop tricks, one with some tips for anyone new to fire as I often get asked about fire spinning.

Keep tuned and I’ll post updates here!

Lots of Love

Lottie Lucid x

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