Beach Photoshoot

At the recent fire jam myself and Aaron Howorth had a photoshoot with the wonderful Mark Piggott and Barbara Polakova. Aaron showcased his fire staff skills using the sparkle special effects (like turning your prop into a firework!) and I did a mix of aerial, fire and LED.

Here’s the result of the photo shoot, these are Mark’s photos and will add Barbara’s when I get them. It was a great night, went home wondering why I was so tired and then realised I’d been spinning and hooping for most of the 6 hours we were there – that’d be why then!

I often get people wanting to try my fire props out, I’d say drop me a message if there’s something you want to learn, I’m organising Tuesday night jams during September so that may be a good time to grab me and have a go. I will only teach adults fire if they can already use the prop with a certain amount of skill unlit (obvious prerequisite!) safety first guys!!!

Check out the Skill Up page for more info on jams and upcoming events. 

Lottie x


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