Dine High Fire Team

Had a blast working for Dine High Club last week. It was hot as an oven but the guys there kept us supplied with refreshing drinks and we did various shifts on and off all evening as new people came through the doors to experience dining at 100 feet! They had some live musicians and a wonderful blues band providing music as people sipped their drinks and prepared for their “flight”.

My team provided hula hoop dancing and tricks, LED and fire performances. It was great to work with my friends and contacts, we had a great team, including the two daytime performers, Joel and Andria who had amazing endurance to do their mime and living statue performances in the blazing midday sun.

They had a lovely photographer and videographer and I’m looking forward to seeing their work, but for now I’ll share with you some of the snaps we took from our phones the last few days 🙂



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