Download Festival with Area 51

So yeah, I got a last minute booking with Area 51 for Download working with Hoola Cru’s Hayley O’Beirne. They do a pop up circus show called Caravan of Lost Souls, with a circus of horrors style piece and others like myself on hoop and juggling. It was my first biggy hanging out with lots of other circus folk and I loved every minute of it! They were such an awesome crew 🙂

We did our show three times a day. The “caravan” was pushed by our slightly creepy circus chimps and hosted by Adam the guy with green hair and the top hat. We had a lady who balances swords, swallows razor blades and hammers a nail into her nose…. a skilled whip cracker and a couple of knife jugglers, the circus insane crew, who were exactly as it says on the tin, INSANE!!! Front man Doc, for example, likes nothing more than to stick his face in a pile of broken glass and have someone jump on the back of his head (from a step ladder!) …. yes my little eyes have seen quite a lot of weird sh*t this weekend lol.

We also had a contortionist and a girl with a staple gun, a poi – I mean dragonfly – expert, and our lovely Mikkel who was in character the whole time as a freaky weirdo and made me laff. Myself and Hayley worked with Martha, the beautiful creature with the wings and Mikkel whilst we did some hoop tricks to wow the audience. I pulled of some hoop splitting, foot hoop transitions and some double hoop tricks despite the wind nearly stealing our hoops!



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