Whoop C Hoop Convention

I’ve just got back from Whoop C – The Welsh Hoop Convention in Cardiff. It was amazing and I highly recommend you go if you’re keen on hooping. There was one lady there who’d never even tried hooping, so, having said that, I guess you don’t even need to be that nuts about hooping, she seemed to be enjoying herself!

We learned some pretty advanced stuff which is bound to take lots of practice but was really interesting, like Florence Huet’s hoop balancing and juggling workshop. I also attended Symone and Jay Jay Revlon’s Hoop x Vogue workshop to work on my stage presence and push myself outside my comfort zone!

The choir workshop with Teifi


We had an option to choose one more activity and because I was a bit slow off the mark, the only space left was in the choir. Now I’ve never been confident (or skilled enough) to sing in front of people, but the teacher, Teifi, was amazing at building confidence and getting you trying different techniques. I actually sang a duet with someone by the end of our hour, although she did ask everyone to sit down and close their eyes so they didn’t freak me out haha 🙂


Me doing the Hoop x Vogue workshop

I have to admit the circus never appealed to me when I was younger, but I’m really enjoying all the new challenges as I progress with the hoop! Maybe I’d just never been to a decent circus… Or maybe it’s the modern twist on circus arts that’s making it more interesting, as people fuse circus skills with different forms of dance. Either way more hoop juggling is in the pipeline for me!


You can check out the event page and all the amazing photos taken by the skillful Craig Kirkwood here.

A big thanks to the hosts Ellie & Gareth of Sparkles Hoop Troupe. Well done on a successful day!

The above photo is Calum (UK’s Hooping Idol 2017 entrant) and Lisa Ellipse practicing their partner hoop juggling.



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