Fire Flow Beginners Workshop

Myself and Kim Hoopfulness have teamed up to offer Fire Spinning Workshops for beginners. Its been a roaring success so far I think it’s fair to say. It’s quite natural to be quite nervous about handling fire; the heat, the noise, the thought of it being in such close proximity! This is why we wanted to help and offer a safe space to try it out where you know your safety is paramount and we have all the right equipment and experience to deal with any issues.

We aim to give you all the information you need on clothing, fuels, set up and extinguishing props and a variety of “safe” moves that we feel are lower risk when you are starting out, before you get more adventurous!

You get to try a variety of props unlit first then when you feel ready lit, starting with our smallest and least intimidating props the palms and fire bug, and then progressing onto some of the bigger and more challenging props, dependent on your experience. We also try and get some footage for you to mark the occasion so you have something to look back on – your first ever fire spin!

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